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Discussion Post: 3x08

Let's talk about tonight's episode, 3x08 "Endgame" (!!!)
I don't know about you, dudes, but I'm gonna need, like, a support group for this 3-parter I think. @___@
Feel free to talk about speculations, reactions, and thoughts!
And, as always, this thread will contain spoilers for the episode.
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nooooo it's a threeparter nooooooo I've never had to survive one of these without the DVDs

*clings to everyone*
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I'm going to need my own personal support group, because it looks like I'll be watching the third of the three-parter at least five days late. (Unless the wifi at my dad's house proves to be sufficiently fast and I can persuade my husband to cuddle up next to me and watch it on the laptop. Which is possible. But not when it airs for sure.)
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I am so psyched and concerned it isn't even funny! There are spoilers and promo clips galore out there. One big Reese and Finch scene... one scene between Reese and Fusco and one with Reese and Carter... wow. Plus, Nolan has said some interesting things in an interview too, neither confirming nor denying. But it seems as if there won't exactly be a cliffhanger in the traditional sense at the end of Endgame, but he said we will want to tune in and see what happens next.

Remember, this is ep 8 and it's a 3 ep arc. Look at episode 10 from the previous seasons -- season one: Number Crunch. season two: Shadow Box. Hmmm...

With all the specualtion about a "hero will fall" we should remember that it's usually Reese who's in the most jeopardy about this time of year. Not that TPTB might not break form this time, but still. As if we need more to worry about, lol.
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[personal profile] aprilvalentine 2013-11-13 10:43 am (UTC)(link)
And as we saw... Reese is in Simmons' cross hairs. Why didn't he think about shooting out the dash cam on that cop car?
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[personal profile] enemyofperfect 2013-11-13 04:28 am (UTC)(link)


Carter wins all the things! And has Elias running errands for her! And goes it alone when she chooses to, and asks for help when she wants and needs it! Shaw thinks Carter's the greatest thing since ever! Reese thinks Carter's the greatest thing since even before that! She had a big emotional scene with Fusco! She had an awesome lying-her-face-off scene with Quinn! She was the most adorable baby cop in the universe! Her ex got help and is now a stand-up guy she can totally trust with their son! Her son knows that his mom is the awesomest anywhere! Because she is!

I mean, in real life I would be so angry that she put all these different people's lives at risk, even though she managed to save them all through luck and cleverness, but this is Person of Interest and it's hard to care about anything else over the sound of how amazing she is.


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She is really really amazing! And I'm so glad they went that way with the flashbacks. Although it also means, since Taylor is cared for, that Carter is expendable. *nailbites*
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[personal profile] astolat 2013-11-14 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
floats in after watching the ep to just second all of this including the starry eyes
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Here's my speculation, without looking at anyone else's, on who might snuff it next week (and I'm guessing that's when it'll happen, with third week for revenge tragedy, but I could be wrong). Considering the "a hero will fall" wording, and despite the lack of overt sexism among the showrunners except when they're trying really hard not to be sexist, I think we're looking at a male character, but I'll throw a female one in there just because. This is in no order of probability.

1) Reese. This would be really brave of them, but from the network's point of view unlikely. Unless Jim Caviezel secretly wants out of his contract.

2) Fusco. The obvious choice which we're being nudged toward by the promos. Despite this, it's still the most likely and the one I'd bet on if I were a betting woman. I'm not putting a bait-and-switch past them, but I think it's also possible they'll hand us the obvious death and then throw a completely different curve ball (sorry. cliches. it's early). And it's clear they don't know what to do with him this season, and it would fill out his arc nicely, and watching everyone be sad over him would be touching. I hate the idea, but… yeah.

3) Carter. Because she's throwing herself in harm's way and Reese can't always get there in time, and because she's compromised herself as a law-upholder, and because of the flashbacks. But I suspect not.

4) Elias. I can see him getting in the way of Carter's bullet, against his better judgment. (I can also see Scarface sacrificing himself for Elias, easily, but he's too minor a character for all the buildup. He'd go out with a beautifully smug expression, though.) I like the way they've developed Elias's moral code, and he does feel he owes Carter. But he's also a deeply pragmatic man. I'd find this the most interesting death, though.

5) Bear. If they do this I will kill them. Though I'd have to get in line. And although the ballistic vest is likely a gun on the mantelpiece, I'm pretty sure it's one meant to do its job.

I am deeply suspicious of anything in the promos (look at the way they set up that "you're the best partner I ever had" line and it turned out to be part of Carter tricking Fusco) so I wouldn't assume Root's "sorry for your loss" even happens after someone dies. It's possibly no one will die at all. But probably someone will, and I suspect we'll know who as soon as we hit the first flashback in the next episode.
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[personal profile] astolat 2013-11-14 02:28 am (UTC)(link)
despite the lack of overt sexism among the showrunners except when they're trying really hard not to be sexist

funny because it is true oh god :P

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[personal profile] enemyofperfect 2013-11-14 10:58 am (UTC)(link)
asfhaglkhaslk I hadn't even thought that Bear could be in danger. Oh my gosh, they had better not.

If someone has to die, I like the idea of it being Elias -- partly because he's the one I'd least mind losing, yes, but also because I agree with you that it would be the most interesting choice. Although maybe what I'd like best from him would be not an emotionally driven decision to protect Carter (not that I couldn't empathize), but a deliberate choice to honor what principles he does have even if it costs him his life (and with it, his dreams of empire).

Since you mention flashbacks -- are we absolutely sure they won't kill Finch? (Please feel free to answer this question in the affirmative, heh.)
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[personal profile] hedda62 2013-11-14 12:47 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm pretty sure not Finch, because a) same reason as not Reese, and b) his arc with Root and the Machine isn't done yet, and that's not the arc they're finishing up now (I mean, how could they fit it in?). And also, Finch driven by guilt and grief is frankly more interesting than Reese with the same motivations (though we should get to see both, right?). Though if it's Elias who dies, maybe not so much pathos, more just respect. If it's Fusco… I don't know. We didn't know we loved him till he was gone? that sort of thing.


I wasn't actually thinking of Elias throwing himself in front of Carter in an emotionally driven way. It's hard to think of him reacting emotionally at all; every decision seems to be weighed and calculated. But he definitely has a sense of honor, and he can make both moral and practical decisions quickly, so the choice to sacrifice himself (or to take a chance of doing so) could look like impulse.

If he does die, does Scarface get to be the boss?
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[personal profile] enemyofperfect 2013-11-15 03:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I refuse to consider the question of what Marconi might do or get to do if Elias died on the grounds that it could cause me to have feelings.

I'm pretty sure not Finch too, but to me the fact that Finch's arc is still very much in progress actually makes killing him more attractive, possibly because I am a terrible human being. What if all his guilt and fear about the Machine came to nothing at all, because he wasn't around to feel anything anymore? And like, forget Reese -- how would the Machine react to the Admin going permanently offline? And could they afford to keep Root in a box if they were suddenly less one genius?

And yeah, I have officially made the transition from attempting to hold myself detached from the agony that's coming to just deliberately rolling around in it, haven't I. Maybe I need to take some deep breaths and just think about your basement nightclub headcanon for a while.
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Well, that was really depressing. Thank you. :)

It is interesting, the amount of… duplication of skills, I guess, that the show is investing in and helping to make people expendable in the process. Finch and Root, Shaw and Reese, Carter and Fusco… not that the overlaps are complete, but the team could go on without one member in each pair. I'd say Finch is the least expendable of those because he is (we hope) saner than Root, but otherwise she'd do a pretty good job substituting for him.

(I'm noticing too that all those pairs are male/female. Intriguing.)

And now (via tumblr) we have the fear that something's gonna happen to Lee Fusco. That's possibly worse than speculating about Bear. *clutches head and listens to Elias singing "Isn't It Romantic"*