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Timeline Question - Help!

So I'm trying to unravel the POI timeline for a fic I'm working on, and running myself aground.

Ordos China happens because of the laptop, right? Which means it happens after Nathan dies? Do we know that for sure? I ask because it'd be really, really handy for my fic if it happened before Nathan's death. 
Also, if the laptop only happens after Nathan's death, what is up with the 2008 NYC CIA op that has the man in the bathtub who sold software to the Chinese?

Dudes, I'm seriously working myself into a confused froth. Anyone really good at this stuff?

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I took his words in God Mode differently: Harold just says that he realized that the people he and Nathan gave the Machine to were the wrong people and that's why he put the virus out there, but I think he already realized that before Nathan's death - we have a flashback where he talks to Nathan about the research he did, when he tried to get him to stop with the Irrelevants, and he also knew about Weeks' attempts to get into the Machine from the beginning. So I think that the laptop was probably before Nathan's death.
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Oh, wow; that really is interesting. Thanks for being nitpicky and investigating! And yeah, it's typical of Finch to let Reese assume that Nathan was the catalyst. I wonder if it'll come out? (Assuming the writers have the same timeline in mind; just because it's the one that makes sense…)
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I'm just thinking Finch's code must have felt really… conditional at the time. Like, a very remote chance it would come into play. But still, there must have been something specific that caused him to do it, not just a vague ominous feeling. *shrugs*

And yeah, it's a looonnng trip back from China for Reese, and we still don't know why he had blood on him on the bus.
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I honestly can't read the gap between Ordos and Arndt's disappearance as anything but a continuity error, much as I wish I could handwave it with a clever canonical explanation.
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Ooops, I'd forgotten about that Reese/Finch conversation. And! It would be very easy for Reese to know that Ordos was months before Nathan's death, he investigated Nathan and had a news article about his death from Fusco, he should know exactly that Ordos was before. So. I have to admit that the timeline is quite hazy in my head, and I'm afraid that's the same for the show itself, but I guess we have to assume a different order of events?
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Yeah, that wasn't a math face there; that was a *hearteyes* face for sure. :)
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It looks like you've got this pretty well covered, but I'll link this pre-2011 timeline anyway, just because that wiki is a fabulous resource and I use it all the time.