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Predictions Game!

Predictions time!
(spoilers may occur in comments below. Read at your own risk.)
We've been learning some very interesting things in these last few episodes. Let's do a predictions game!
Post the following with your ideas about where the show is headed:
1) Something you think will happen
2) Something you hope will happen
3) Something that would surprise you
4) What you think will be in the finale
Don't feel limited by my Friday-brain prompts, either! Throw in anything, and then as the show progresses we'll know who was spot on.

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1. I think Finch and Greer will have a face-to-face. Harold hasn't added all his enemies to his collection yet. Harold will win on points and better tailoring.

2. I will never stop hoping Nathan is alive and can be rescued.

3. Another death.

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I hate my tiny phone keyboard

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4. Samaritan alive, but maybe only temporarily. The machine protecting it like a little brother. More likely, it will have to be shut down.