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Episode Discussion 3x13

Well somehow it's tuesday again! Let's talk about tonight's episode! 
As usual, spoilers below.

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[personal profile] enemyofperfect 2014-01-15 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
Maybe the Machine filled the in-flight movie with soothing subliminal messages? "Pay no attention to the man getting his hand pinned to the wall behind the curtain."

The attackers you mention were Israeli drug trade enforcer type people (that is very official terminology I just used there) who were pissed off about online ecstasy sales cutting into their organization's profits.

Shaw was pretty fabulous, it's true.
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[personal profile] hedda62 2014-01-15 01:08 pm (UTC)(link)
So, reactions having watched it once (I need to watch it again too. Sucker moved fast). I liked it, though I'm still kind of torn between "Unshaven whisky-chugging Concerned Frequent Flyer Reese! Flight Simulator Finch (Except Not Simulated This Time)! North by Northwest!" and shaking my head over the still ham-fisted writing. I mean… how exactly did Finch talk Reese into coming back? By saying… things he'd pretty much already said? Well, I choose to believe most of it was a tribute to awkward social communication (which both Emerson and Caviezel do really really well) and how that skates over the surface of deep connection, and Reese is really thinking "He flew to Rome to meet me! Plus he landed a jetliner remotely! He is so awesome! Carter couldn't land a jetliner remotely!" and Finch is thinking "Well, even if this is all a waste of time and another twist of the gut and stab in the heart, at least Roman espresso is almost as good as sencha green tea and I got to wear this spiffy orange tie, and… excuse me, what did you say?"

I am very, very glad Reese is coming home again.

Also: Concerned Frequent Killer Hersh. And Shaw, oh Shaw. I'm not convinced, again at first viewing, that her part of the job was absolutely necessary for the plot, but I'm glad it happened.

And perhaps the Machine sent Reese in to save Owen because she has plans for him? Assuming she's collecting builders and hackers for some purpose of her own. I hope very much they all show up together in the season finale (including Leon and Logan).
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Oh, John

[personal profile] kiranovember 2014-01-16 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
I kind of thought that what John needed was a little time and a little distance and an opportunity to save someone in order to remember why he took the job in the first place. I was hoping that the machine would be involved somehow but this was not exactly what I was thinking of. I've watched it twice, and unless TM somehow influenced his decision to go to Istanbul, it looks like it just took advantage of his proximity and manouvered him onto the right flight expecting him to do his stuff. Either that or it arranged for the marshalls to take Owen there because John was already going.

I admit I giggled sll the way through the ep.
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Re: Oh, John

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The little stuff amused me. Helping the older lady. Smashing Business Asshole's bag. The casual badassery as he knocked out the asshole. And Owen. "Sorry. Sometimes it's just faster." When he saw the noisy boy and decided yes he would have a drink. The International Department of Homeland Security. He's probably just dehydrated. Lots of people sleep on the redeye. We need another blanket. And zip ties. And get the child drunk, please. Hersch being concerned that Shaw's new employers are treating her right. That salt and pepper is like catnip to soccer moms.

And then there were the fights. We saw more Badass!John than we saw up to The Crossing. And Finch! I said to myself come on Harold I know you've done it in Flight Simulator AND THEN HE GOT OUT THE CONTOLLER!

I liked the awkwardness at the end. They're always awkward when they really mean what they say. And I thought John looked like he thought Harold might say "no." Or maybe he just didn't know how to say "I want to come back."