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3x06 Mors Praematura title implications: Who's gonna kick it?

I hope this is okay, but here's a copy/paste of my tumblr post about my spoilery/spec ideas of Mors Praematura (premature death). Let me know if it's problematic!


I've seen tons of people wonder what the title refers to and if someone we know in particular is going to bite the dust and appear forevermore in flashback land-- if they come back at all. I have been turning it over in my head too, so thought I'd toss out my ideas no matter how unlikely! I would love to hear your ideas too, especially if you could expound on what the death would mean for plot advancement, but obviously just names is fine too. Spoilerish spec:

When I heard the episode name the first time, I had it in the back of my mind that they'd kill off Elias---Enrico has his new movie so time is limited (though filming for that might be done now), and if any of the Big Bads we know of kills Elias, it's very likely Scarface will take over and make it a priority to destroy the person/organization that killed his friend-boss. That would help tie in some of the various storylines so they're not all out there flailing independent of each other, anchored only through Team Machine. I mean, obviously HR and Elias have a long history, but since we're preparing to do a smackdown on HR, it seems, tying his group with leads to Control would make for long term arcs.

However, I peeked into the press release and don't remember seeing Enricho's name, so ... prob not. I am not going to go look again to check because I really need to stop reading those things as they take away from some of the surprise! Oh well. I am not hot on killing off Elias any time soon, so if that plot development doesn't happen, I'm perfectly happy, but it would have made for interesting developments.They should have done more with him this season to set it up a bit if it were going to be him anyway.

So, in reality, I think it's probably Laskey, the rookie. He just LOOKS like a redshirt, and I posted about him being one the episode he stepped on screen. I've been unhappy with him being such a glaring plant with the big sad eyes, convenient spunky back-talk, and now a ridiculous caricature of all things young, stupid, and puffed-up male bravado. Yeah, Carter set him down satisfyingly, but it was a little.... obvious a set up for the sake of the knock-down. I think my reaction to that is a bit in the minority there though ;)

Anyway, Reese turned Fusco into an asset, and in Razgovor Carter mirrored clothing, actions, and it was pointed out even Reese's hairstyle (?!?!) to do a "Fusco" to Laskey, which is really interesting in this show of reflections and echoes. However, I think Laskey is a much less predictable wild card than Fusco was, and Carter doesn't have the same kind of detachment Reese does--I think it goes against her nature to consider people "assets," much less disposable ones, and I wouldn't really want her any other way.

To me, the most likely outcome of this episode (if the title isn't some red herring), is that Laskey will be shown to have more to him than just being a dirty little punk, vacillating both on trying to betray her and help her, and end up getting killed in a way that relates back to Carter directly, which will add to her personal load of guilt.

Or, in a completely unlikely but kind of cool tangent, Root and Shaw could going after a baby-Machine type being that is on the verge of sentience, sent by The Machine to help save or kill this new intelligence on the horizon. I'd personally guess "save" but either way it gets snuffed before it can have its Machine-like qualities realized, thus the title. This idea is likely too early in the mythos game to be realized, so maybe later this season for the finale or a full arc in the next season. I can hope, right?
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Yay speculation! :D

I think Laskey could wind up dead, yeah. I think it's also likely Carter will be the one to have to do it, if it happens that way. But I'm not convinced that this episode title will necessarily translate to a person winding up dead. It could, we know the writers are perfectly happy to drop bodies, but it seems potentially too on-the-nose. I'm wondering maybe if it's not a tad more symbolic? Maybe it's referring to cover identities? Or even complete organizations? OR EVEN CARTER'S CAREER. (*COUGHS*)

As for the "baby machine" hahah! Maybe that could be something Decima is up to? I'm not sure what their long term goals were. <__< COULD BE. I think this episode will be instrumental in understanding what the Machine's intentions for Root (and Shaw) are. There's so many roads the show could take! (I'm 110% hoping it's Root+Shaw Vs. The World. Not that I hope they are completely opposed to Finch and Reese, just that they'd be fantastic and let's be honest, we need some more tension up in thurrr.)
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I agree that Laskey is probably going to end up dead, but I don't think it's going to be this soon. It'd be a waste of setup.

I certainly hope they won't kill off Elias. I've grown fond of the bastard. And I think he'd do his best to save Carter's career. She's worth too much to him as a police officer. Without that she'd still be an asset but not half as effective or fun to screw around with.

Do you think the Machine would allow Finch and Root to end up on opposite sides? Not very effective if your admin and your aux admin fight each other, particularly not with Decima and the season 3 big bad out there.
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I'm imaging TM facepalming like Picard and muttering, "Okay, program's still got some glitches...