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Edited because first I hit Enter and this posted! And I totally wasn’t ready for that, and I was at the end of my lunch hour, and I hadn’t tagged this properly, and - *deep breaths in and out of the bag* - so I did a quick edit, but then I forgot to *waves hello* and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading through the posts here. It’s wonderful to find such an engaged comm with intelligent discussion. It’s definitely you guys who got my brain poking at the idea of writing my first PoI fic. So thank you and hello at the same time.
The actual idea... )
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Just a reminder that we now have a chat feature on the IRC Slashnet channel #poichat that's open to anyone who wants to hang out. More info here, but it's pretty cool and super fun to be able to shoot the shit with folks about POI and fic in a more immediate setting.

Since this function is super new, how it's utilized is up to all of us. So if you ever want to schedule specific conversation topics, live viewings of current episodes, or  re-watches of episodes past, please feel free!  As it stands, it's very free form.

If you have any questions, concerns, and/or fantastic ideas, as always, please let us know.


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Let's talk about tonight's episode!  
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Yay, episode two! Jump in with your thoughts/reactions/squee/what have you. :D

Spoilers will abound, of course!
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Okay, pardon that crappy subject line, but I can't quite figure out how to summarize what I want to talk about.

Cut for some season three spoilers. )

So those are my thoughts! What are yours? (There will, naturally, be spoilers in the comments!)
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We're set up as #poichat on for anyone who already knows how to use IRC!

If you don't know IRC, just head on over to the web interface (this will automatically join you to the #poichat channel after you put in a nickname).

FYI, here are the basic concepts of IRC:
- You connect to a server ( with your choice of IRC software
- You set your nickname (can be anything you want unless someone else is using it)
- You join channels (#poichat) and talk to everyone else who is in the channel with you

Advanced tip:

If you want to be auto-opped, you need to register your nickname:
/msg nickserv register [password] [email]
Once you're registered, post your nickname here and I'll add you to the auto-op list. :)
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Have you ever figured out little tiny canon details? Like how Carter takes her coffee, or the way it looks like Scarface kisses Elias' cheek in their first scene together?

And if you have, do you know how Reese takes his coffee? This is totally vitally important omg for a fic. [personal profile] sarcasticsra and [personal profile] bookblather don't know (Sara just says she doesn't think he takes it black), and I have no clue. Even though I do know how Carter takes her coffee and how Fusco likes his hot dogs.
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Not too long ago [personal profile] eris  brought up the idea of an IRC chat with a perm channel so we can talk in real time if we want, seeing as DW doesn't have a chat function.
Only I'm kinda completely useless at this. I love the idea of it, but I only got as far as before my eyes started going cross-eyed.
Anyone want to help me on this or at least point me in the right direction in how to make it go?    
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Spoilers abound!
Here we'll be discussing last night's episode. Come one, come all!  
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I feel like dancing... so does Jim Caviezel!

watch JC dance! )
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Anyone want to come up with ideas for a S3 premiere drinking game? Like, take a drink anytime something explodes; take two if Reese makes it explode; take three if Reese looks like he wants to explode all over Harold. Every time we see a blinking security camera. Every time Carter makes a "seriously?" face.

I know this has been done before, and personally I am going to take leisurely sips of my Manhattan or Brooklyn and nothing more since I am already staying up past my bedtime to watch this, but I still love the idea of a drinking game and would love to read suggestions.
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Talking about Person of Interest is the fun way to watch Person of Interest, does anyone want to do it in person for the premiere?

We all know that Person of Interest Season 3 is premiering in the US at 10pm EST, September 24. Does anyone in the New York City area want to meetup in person to watch it?

I'd be happy to throw a viewing party for this and Agents of SHIELD in my conveniently located apartment, with free food etc. But if people feel more comfortable getting together somewhere more public, we could make reservations at a decent bar that allows us to take over one of their tvs and a quiet back table. Do either of these options sound good to any of you? Do you have a better idea? Let me know!

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Guys, guys, Season 3 starts in less than a week.  o__o
Are we all staying sane in this time of impending Feels? (or, well, sane... ish?)
I, for one, am still trying to decide if I want to watch the first ep with people and nerd out, or if I want to hole up and glue myself to the screen without distraction...
What about you?
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(Not just writers. Artists, vidders, whatever! 8D)
Are you making something? Is it kicking your ass? COME HERE. LET US HUG YOU. It will be okay.
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Let's talk parallels!

[personal profile] bookblather and I were talking on Sunday night, and Root came up (mostly because she was trying to get me to write an AU fic in which Hanna lived). I mentioned how much I like the contrast of Samantha Groves and Samantha Shaw--the different ways they turned out despite their similarities--and how having two excellent female characters with the same first name, which brings up that contrast, says a lot about the show. For instance, Shaw and Root are both very good at killing people, but Root does it to get what she wants or to make things go her way (among other reasons). Shaw, on the other hand, killed people for a cause she believed in--and she did it because she got information from the Machine, not to further attempts to get access to the Machine. Another big parallel is that Root knows about the Machine because she's clever and put it together; Shaw knows about the Machine because Harold and John told her (something they clearly thought she should know, since she first knew it as Research).

I have other parallels I quite like, like "The High Road"'s contrast of the Wylers versus Harold and Grace, which I'll go into more in the comments. What are some parallels you like? Good contrasts you've noticed?
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hey guys, in a Saint-Paul-on-the-road-to-Damascus-type flash, I have just realized we hadn't discussed this CRUCIAL POINT.

What are your headcanons re: sexual orientations (and/or sexual histories, and/or sexual behaviours, and/or libido)?

I mean, people regularly discuss re: John Reese's epic submissiveness, but do you think he's, I don't know, attracted to dudes all the time? Is he just attracted to authoritative people? Is he only Finch-sexual?

And in the show, Finch has demonstrated interest in people when they're clever, so do you think he is brain-sexual? And do you think he ever wanted to sleep with Nathan? Do you think ever wakes up in the morning and thinks "wow, I feel a lot gayer than usual today"?

Do you strongly disagree with all of this and believe Finch and Reese are All Heterosexuality All the Time?

TELL ALL, friends

EDIT: changed some of the wording
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So I'm fascinated by narrative structure: the details and techniques whereby a story is presented. Flashbacks are now a pretty common means of getting at backstory on TV shows, but I think POI does them particularly well - the order in which they occur, the characters, that pretty blue. :)

Which flashbacks do you like most? Which do you think are the most clever? Evocative? Painful? Comments on how the show uses them? Anything else about narrative structure?
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I appreciate it when the names characters use for one another have significance. They can be a shorthand for the level of intimacy, the context of the relationship, and how people see one another; they're also indicative of the culture in which these people have learned to relate to one another.

In Person of Interest, none of the relationships between the regular cast is social or familial. It's all about working relationships (or antagonism), though admittedly everyone's ideas of 'work' tend to bleed over into their personal lives. Even counting the relationships with recurring characters, very few are what you'd call normal friendships, and those mostly appear in flashbacks.

Add to that the fact that so many of our characters don't use their real names to begin with, and the results are fascinating.

So! What names do each of them choose to use for one another, and what (if anything) do you think that means? Are there situations where you think they'd use names other than the ones they use on the show? Is there a difference between canon and fanfiction? If you write fic, do you pay particular attention to this? 
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We all have headcanons, of course, and I am super interested in hearing them. But for this topic, I am specifically super interested in hearing all the little details. Like, do you think Harold prefers cherry jam to grape? What's Reese's favorite type of candy?* Is Carter the best at Sudoku? Stuff like that!

(*I feel like even if it isn't peanut butter cups, he'd pretend like it was just to see what Harold would do/say. And for my part I really hope Harold would just calmly tell him to go away for a bit while he processed the fact that he actually likes such a ridiculous human being.)
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The show is moving deeper and deeper down the sci/fi well as we ratchet up to Season 3.
Let's talk about the Machine for a bit. 8D

Possible talking points:
1) Artificial Intelligence as a trope and how it's being worked into POI
2) The Machine as a character
4) How other characters interact with the Machine (Root, Finch, Reese etc.)
3) Ethics (of the machine itself and its use by both organizations and individuals)
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