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Edited because first I hit Enter and this posted! And I totally wasn’t ready for that, and I was at the end of my lunch hour, and I hadn’t tagged this properly, and - *deep breaths in and out of the bag* - so I did a quick edit, but then I forgot to *waves hello* and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading through the posts here. It’s wonderful to find such an engaged comm with intelligent discussion. It’s definitely you guys who got my brain poking at the idea of writing my first PoI fic. So thank you and hello at the same time.
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I appreciate it when the names characters use for one another have significance. They can be a shorthand for the level of intimacy, the context of the relationship, and how people see one another; they're also indicative of the culture in which these people have learned to relate to one another.

In Person of Interest, none of the relationships between the regular cast is social or familial. It's all about working relationships (or antagonism), though admittedly everyone's ideas of 'work' tend to bleed over into their personal lives. Even counting the relationships with recurring characters, very few are what you'd call normal friendships, and those mostly appear in flashbacks.

Add to that the fact that so many of our characters don't use their real names to begin with, and the results are fascinating.

So! What names do each of them choose to use for one another, and what (if anything) do you think that means? Are there situations where you think they'd use names other than the ones they use on the show? Is there a difference between canon and fanfiction? If you write fic, do you pay particular attention to this? 
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Plot Bunnies!
Have a great fanfic or fanart idea you want to hash out? Just want to shoot the shit about other people's great ideas? Desperatly want someone else to write a certain something?
BRING IT ON. Let the bunnies roam...


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