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1. What is this place?
First off, welcome! This is a community for fans of the TV show Person of Interest. Here we talk about characters, episodes, meta, themes, and just about anything else related to the show. Membership and posting are currently open to everyone. 

2. Can I start a discussion?
Yes! Do a quick sweep of the tags and the recent posts to see if your topic has already been started (that way all the awesome conversations happen in one place rather than spread out) but after you've done your homework, please post and start topics at will!

3. What about fanfic?
This community is going to keep things on the meta/discussion/chat level, but there are some great communities and archives out there for fic. Check out: [community profile] pofinterest_fic and Archive of Our Own for actual fic posting.
That said, fic recs and discussions of fanfic in general are welcome! Trends in fandom and squee totally count as possible and welcome topics.

4. What are the rules for this place?
Don't be a dick!
No, seriously.
  • No bashing. Obviously, not everyone likes every single character or every single ship, but this isn't the place for rants about hating them. Constructive critical analysis is one thing; openly hating on specific characters or ships is entirely another and won't be allowed.
  • Stay on topic. We'll have off topic threads for general chats, so please keep topic specific posts on their designated course. 
  • Spoilers! We have a one-week policy. Once the next episode airs, the previous ep is no longer a spoiler. That means if the newest episode aired on Tuesday and it's Thursday, that episode and topics about it still need to be clearly labeled "spoilers." No one wants to be spoiled or be a spoiler, so please be courteous. 
  • Be excellent to each other. Respectful discussion is mandatory and hurtful/ist language will not be tolerated
5. I have a question or an issue that isn't on this list... help!
Have a question? Not sure if what you want to post fits the community? Having an issue on the comm? Fear not, fellow fan! We're here to help you. [personal profile] orockthro and [personal profile] sarcasticsra are your mods, and are happy to answer any questions or disputes you may have. 

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