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Edited because first I hit Enter and this posted! And I totally wasn’t ready for that, and I was at the end of my lunch hour, and I hadn’t tagged this properly, and - *deep breaths in and out of the bag* - so I did a quick edit, but then I forgot to *waves hello* and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading through the posts here. It’s wonderful to find such an engaged comm with intelligent discussion. It’s definitely you guys who got my brain poking at the idea of writing my first PoI fic. So thank you and hello at the same time.
The actual idea... )
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Not too long ago [personal profile] eris  brought up the idea of an IRC chat with a perm channel so we can talk in real time if we want, seeing as DW doesn't have a chat function.
Only I'm kinda completely useless at this. I love the idea of it, but I only got as far as before my eyes started going cross-eyed.
Anyone want to help me on this or at least point me in the right direction in how to make it go?    
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