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Release the Kraken! Or, my speculation on how Root will leave her cage.

posting this here as well as other places, so sorry if you are getting spammed by me--feel free to completely ignore

As soon as I saw the cage and Harold locking it, the wheels started churning in my head for how Root was going to gain her release. While I think she or The Machine could engineer her escape, I believe the more likely scenario will be that she stays in her little birdcage for a while, stirring up seeds of self doubt and introspection mostly in Harold, perhaps giving Shaw a chance to get to know her and be persuaded to her cause, and maybe some time to trade barbs with Reese. We’ve already seen in The Perfect Mark the interfamily dynamics being laid out between Harold and Root, so I’m awaiting the rest with anticipation!

After a little clarification of conflicts and commonalities for plot and character arc groundwork, the team, possibly in its entirety, will be in danger and despair, metaphorically tied and dangled over the lava pit, as it were, and only one will be still free to make his/her way back to the library’s prison. Root will smile, tilt her head in a sympathetic nod, and commiserate confidentially, “You know you need me.” And they do, for some reason or another, and take out the keys.

The three most likely to do this, of course, are Shaw, Finch, and Reese, and I could be persuaded that any of the three could do it. Shaw probably very business-like, with a sigh of disgust assurances that she’ll clock Root again if need be. Finch torn with doubt, but knowing his options are limited. Or, my current favorite likely (though I make no odds as to who it will be), Reese, jaw clenched in aggravated rage that he has to do it, possibly shoving her against the wall with hand to throat telling her not to make him regret this, which he knows is already too late. She’ll just give him that sardonic look, not the least bit perturbed, tell him regret is a waste of time and energy, and assure him that at least it will be lots of fun! 

My outliers for potential cage openers were Fusco (unlikely considering promos), Leon (just unlikely), and in a real unlikely but deliciously complicated mess—Elias or Scarface! Yeah, no idea how they’d find her, though with Fusco or Leon I was thinking the Machine might just take over and direct them to her with them following in bewildered fascination, but who knows what twists they’ve got for us?

I wonder if the first time we see Elias outside of the dank little warehouse will be the same episode as Root steps out of her cell as well—two tigers on the loose. 

Anyway, it’s very likely none of this will come to pass, but if she does get out this way, I will scream “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!” as she sails out into freedom!.

I have tried editing this 5 times--I am obviously failboat in this Read More thread cutting thing. sorry!

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