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A multifandom ficlet/art exchange focusing on female or Jewish characters,
and also some evil viziers.
Sign ups end on January 17!
Rules, FAQs, and sign ups here!

I'd love to have more Person of Interest fans come and play!
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Tuesday is here!

Let's talk about tonight's ep, 3x14. Spoilers be found, avast.  
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Well somehow it's tuesday again! Let's talk about tonight's episode! 
As usual, spoilers below.

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Predictions time!
(spoilers may occur in comments below. Read at your own risk.)
We've been learning some very interesting things in these last few episodes. Let's do a predictions game!
Post the following with your ideas about where the show is headed:
1) Something you think will happen
2) Something you hope will happen
3) Something that would surprise you
4) What you think will be in the finale
Don't feel limited by my Friday-brain prompts, either! Throw in anything, and then as the show progresses we'll know who was spot on.

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 Sorry I didn't get this up last night, but we had an episode! 
(Spoilers abound!)
Let's talk about it!

Things are changing in POI land, and it's getting interesting....

Tell me your thoughts, and I'll tell you mine. :)
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Belated discussion post for tonight's ep!

Beware spoilers below!

Let's boogy, people!

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Hi all,

I tried to go to the chat site a couple of times during and following an episode but couldn't locate anyone else around and it even looked like it wasn't the location I'd bookmarked. I really miss being able to live chat with folks about POI -- are there going to be any scheduled chats in the near future? We've got a hiatus looming and I would love to talk POI.
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Well dudes, it's that time... tonight is the final ep of the three parter, episode 3x10, "The Devil's Share." Let's talk about it!

Spoilers below

It's been a rough week, my poi buddies. <3 Are we all still here? 

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Well dudes, it's that time of the week again. o___o
Tonight's episode (3x09, The Crossing) might be a doozy, so let's hold onto our butts, keep our heads, and don't blink.
Spoilers beyond this point! And also feelings.
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So I'm trying to unravel the POI timeline for a fic I'm working on, and running myself aground.

Ordos China happens because of the laptop, right? Which means it happens after Nathan dies? Do we know that for sure? I ask because it'd be really, really handy for my fic if it happened before Nathan's death. 
Also, if the laptop only happens after Nathan's death, what is up with the 2008 NYC CIA op that has the man in the bathtub who sold software to the Chinese?

Dudes, I'm seriously working myself into a confused froth. Anyone really good at this stuff?

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Let's talk about tonight's episode, 3x08 "Endgame" (!!!)
I don't know about you, dudes, but I'm gonna need, like, a support group for this 3-parter I think. @___@
Feel free to talk about speculations, reactions, and thoughts!
And, as always, this thread will contain spoilers for the episode.
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posting this here as well as other places, so sorry if you are getting spammed by me--feel free to completely ignore

Read more... )Anyway, it’s very likely none of this will come to pass, but if she does get out this way, I will scream “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!” as she sails out into freedom!.

I have tried editing this 5 times--I am obviously failboat in this Read More thread cutting thing. sorry!
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Let's talk about tonight's ep, 3x07, The Perfect Mark! 
~Avast! Here there be spoilers....~
Come on in! The water's warm. :D

I will be hanging out in the IRC chat channel for a short period while it airs. If you're around, come in and say hi if you want. Reminder that the channel is always there for people whenever they want it. :)

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The crew of Person of Interest films outside in New York City in all kinds of weather. If you'd like to show your support as a fan and contribute hand made items like scarves, hats, headbands etc, please check out this website: The Irreleknits Project and the new live journal community, [profile] irrle_knits, I've created for the project. We'd like to have a bunch of items to give to the crew by Thanksgiving and we will be continuing it collect items throughout the winter too.
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Let's talk about tonight's episode, 3x06 Mors Praematura! Are you excited? I am excited. 

Spoilers abound!

Additionally, there will be live chat as the episode airs on the IRC chat channel. (#poichat on the channel Slashnet)
I hope this is okay, but here's a copy/paste of my tumblr post about my spoilery/spec ideas of Mors Praematura (premature death). Let me know if it's problematic!


I've seen tons of people wonder what the title refers to and if someone we know in particular is going to bite the dust and appear forevermore in flashback land-- if they come back at all. I have been turning it over in my head too, so thought I'd toss out my ideas no matter how unlikely! I would love to hear your ideas too, especially if you could expound on what the death would mean for plot advancement, but obviously just names is fine too. Spoilerish spec:

When I heard the episode name the first time, I had it in the back of my mind that they'd kill off Elias---Enrico has his new movie so time is limited (though filming for that might be done now), and if any of the Big Bads we know of kills Elias, it's very likely Scarface will take over and make it a priority to destroy the person/organization that killed his friend-boss. That would help tie in some of the various storylines so they're not all out there flailing independent of each other, anchored only through Team Machine. I mean, obviously HR and Elias have a long history, but since we're preparing to do a smackdown on HR, it seems, tying his group with leads to Control would make for long term arcs.

However, I peeked into the press release and don't remember seeing Enricho's name, so ... prob not. I am not going to go look again to check because I really need to stop reading those things as they take away from some of the surprise! Oh well. I am not hot on killing off Elias any time soon, so if that plot development doesn't happen, I'm perfectly happy, but it would have made for interesting developments.They should have done more with him this season to set it up a bit if it were going to be him anyway.

So, in reality, I think it's probably Laskey, the rookie. He just LOOKS like a redshirt, and I posted about him being one the episode he stepped on screen. I've been unhappy with him being such a glaring plant with the big sad eyes, convenient spunky back-talk, and now a ridiculous caricature of all things young, stupid, and puffed-up male bravado. Yeah, Carter set him down satisfyingly, but it was a little.... obvious a set up for the sake of the knock-down. I think my reaction to that is a bit in the minority there though ;)

Anyway, Reese turned Fusco into an asset, and in Razgovor Carter mirrored clothing, actions, and it was pointed out even Reese's hairstyle (?!?!) to do a "Fusco" to Laskey, which is really interesting in this show of reflections and echoes. However, I think Laskey is a much less predictable wild card than Fusco was, and Carter doesn't have the same kind of detachment Reese does--I think it goes against her nature to consider people "assets," much less disposable ones, and I wouldn't really want her any other way.

To me, the most likely outcome of this episode (if the title isn't some red herring), is that Laskey will be shown to have more to him than just being a dirty little punk, vacillating both on trying to betray her and help her, and end up getting killed in a way that relates back to Carter directly, which will add to her personal load of guilt.

Or, in a completely unlikely but kind of cool tangent, Root and Shaw could going after a baby-Machine type being that is on the verge of sentience, sent by The Machine to help save or kill this new intelligence on the horizon. I'd personally guess "save" but either way it gets snuffed before it can have its Machine-like qualities realized, thus the title. This idea is likely too early in the mythos game to be realized, so maybe later this season for the finale or a full arc in the next season. I can hope, right?
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Let's talk about tonight's episode, Razgover!

(Spoilers abound!)

Live chat will be happening on the IRC channel (on slashnet) #poichat as well.
Let's do this thanggg.
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Share your thoughts on 3x04, "Reasonable Doubt."

Spoilers will, of course, abound. :)
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Or any posts about Comic Con and the spoiler clip from the 5th episode or what was said there? Gee, what's going on?

Anyway, here's my episode reaction: at my journal.
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Planning to watch live tonight on an actual television screen--how old-school! Anyone around for IRC?

Directions are here if you need them.


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